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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Lincolnshire

ADT Healthcare is a free service that helps you to choose the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab treatment in Lincolnshire. Our advice is highly tailored to your precise needs. By attending a well-matched drug and alcohol rehab provider, you significantly increase your odds of succeeding in recovery.

ADT Healthcare is essentially a drug and alcohol treatment referral helpline. We handpick rehab clinics we recommend, and we thoroughly vet each clinic to ensure our high standards are met by each clinic. This insistence on quality means we only recommend rehab providers who offer an unsurpassed quality of care for their clients.

All rehab providers we recommend in Lincolnshire offer fully tailored drug and alcohol rehab treatment. This means the treatment you receive will fully address the unique nature of your addiction. Addiction is classed as a mental disorder, and so a range of therapy and counselling techniques are made available to you whilst you undergo rehab to ensure these mental causes of addiction are appropriately tackled.

Rehab clinics we recommend in Lincolnshire may assist clients who are aiming to recover from a range of diverse addictions such as alcoholism, addiction to illicit and prescription drugs and behavioural addiction such as gambling addiction and sex addiction.

Helping you locate effective addiction treatment in Lincolnshire

To assist you in selecting the best possible drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Lincolnshire, ADT Healthcare offers you a free telephone assessment. Once you have completed this assessment, we shall then recommend to you rehab clinics in Lincolnshire that suits your needs.

The exact recommendations we make will vary greatly depending upon the information you provide. Most rehab clinics choose to specialise in specific treatments, so this means you will avoid the situation where you select addiction treatment that’s not suited to your needs.

The drug and alcohol rehab process in Lincolnshire

Before your rehab programme begins, you will need to complete a physical and mental health assessment. This assessment is completed by a psychiatrist. Once your assessment is complete, your detox will begin. You will be prescribed medication to ensure withdrawal symptoms are fully treated. When you detox, there is a risk that you could experience medical complications, and so drug and alcohol rehabs in Lincolnshire offer you 24/7 medical assistance in case any medical complications arise.

Rehabs will also offer an extensive and intensive schedule of therapy and counselling sessions. You will take part in these sessions each and every day to ensure the underlying causes of addiction are sufficiently treated. Whilst you remain in rehab, you will be free from any distractions and outside influences, meaning you are free to solely concentrate on your recovery and rehabilitation.

Therapy and counselling sessions take place via individual and group therapy sessions. Addiction is a neurological disorder, and you will benefit from workshops that seek to educate you about the science of addiction. This approach ensures addiction is tackled from an emotional and logical standpoint.

The overall aim of rehabilitation is to prepare you for lifelong recovery and abstinence. You will also benefit from holistic or ‘complementary’ therapies that aim to help you develop the toolset and emotional resilience so that you do not give in to cravings.

Towards the conclusion of your drug and alcohol rehab programme in Lincolnshire, the clinic will work to devise a relapse prevention and aftercare plan. Aftercare acknowledges the fact that you are unlikely to succeed in your recovery without a formal outpatient care plan. Aftercare fully delivers to ensure your recovery is not short-lived once you return to your home.

Getting in touch today

If you would like to learn more about suitable drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Lincolnshire, contact ADT Healthcare today on 0800 138 0722. All information you provide during your telephone assessment will be held in confidence. This assessment takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, and the benefit you will gain from this assessment could be life-changing.

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