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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Lancashire

Whilst it may be the case that some are able to use drugs or drink alcohol without becoming addicted, others will develop an addiction that’s just too difficult to overcome without going to rehab.

The word ‘rehab’ was an unfamiliar one not too many years ago, particularly for people living in northern English counties such as Lancashire.

The concept of ‘going to rehab’ was popularised by newspapers during the 1990s. These newspapers reported on a sleuth of celebrities who struggled with drugs and alcohol addiction, and ‘checking into rehab’ was typically where the stories tended to be terminated. After all, people enjoy reading about negativity and turmoil, and not too many people are interested to hear about how these same celebrities managed to attain their recovery goals and turn their lives around for the better.

Fast forwarding to the modern day, going to rehab is thankfully now a more familiar concept to most. This includes people living in Lancashire since Lancashire is arguably home to some of the UK’s best rehab clinics.

Addiction of any sort is known to damage many different people, and certainly not only the individual who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. In fact, addiction is linked to homelessness, crime, poverty and health complications. It’s thus not surprising to discover that more and more people are turning to rehab clinics in order to turn their lives around.

ADT Healthcare offers a free signposting service for people seeking out rehabs in Lancashire. In fact, we offer a UK-wide service, so we are able to assist you in locating rehabs that match your needs across the Country. Our aim is to reduce addiction and ultimately save lives. If you would like to benefit from our service, contact our helpline today on 0800 138 0722.

The free signposting service we offer allows us to connect you with rehab clinics in Lancashire or further afield that closely match your needs. This ensures you avoid rehab clinics that may potentially be a poor fit for your needs.

We assist people who are affected by all kinds of addiction. This includes addiction to alcohol, illicit substances and behavioural addictions. We also assist people who suffer from mental health problems such as depression, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Many people also choose to attend rehab to overcome prescription drug addiction. Unfortunately, many GPs now widely prescribe a range of highly addictive prescription medications, even in cases where it is unnecessary to do so.

This has led to an epidemic in the number of people addicted to prescription drugs. If you fit into this category, know that there are many specialist rehabs in Lancashire that cater to your needs. Contact ADT Healthcare today to discover which particular rehab clinics in Lancashire tailor treatment to people going through prescription drug addiction.

Why attend drug or alcohol rehab in Lancashire?

In a nutshell, going to rehab is proven to be the most effective way to secure long-term recovery. In truth, no other form of treatment is as comprehensive and intensive as rehab. Why? Because going to rehab means you will literally live inside the clinic for around 4-6 weeks. During this time, you will eat, sleep and breathe recovery 24 hours a day. This level of treatment intensity is practically unheard of when, for instance, you choose to attend treatment on an outpatient basis.

Why going to rehab should not be cause for concern

If you have not attended a rehab clinic before, the thought of living away from home for an entire month may be slightly concerning. However, you need to understand that undergoing a detox without medical assistance is potentially life-threatening due to the arrival of withdrawal symptoms.

When you undergoing detox from a rehab clinic, you will be given medications that eliminate withdrawal symptoms so that you do not suffer from fatal or near-fatal withdrawal symptoms. Thus, the thought of going to rehab should really fill you with the reassurance that you will be well taken care of, particularly during the first 7-10 days of your treatment whilst you undergo a detox programme.

All rehabs we recommend in Lancashire are staffed by expert medical professionals who truly understand the disease of addiction. Rehabs also employ support staff and volunteers who are also living in recovery. Some of these people may have lived in recovery for decades, so you will be taught about recovery by people who understand exactly what you are currently going through.

How ADT Healthcare may help

At ADT Healthcare, we appreciate the fact that you will probably be nervous about going to rehab no matter how well prepared you may be. However, we do aim to substantially reduce your fear of going to rehab. Our helpful advisors explain what you should expect when you go to rehab. We provide you with all the information you may require so that you may understand every step of the rehab process before you actually commit.

For more information, contact ADT Healthcare today on 0800 138 0722.

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