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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hampshire

You've heard it all before. You drink too much, you take too many drugs and your life is a mess. It's likely your family and friends have voiced their concern about your addiction but you have brushed these concerns aside because you believe you are able to control the situation without seeking out help.

However, there comes a time when you must overcome this denial and admit to yourself that you have a problem. Unfortunately, addiction is a progressive disorder, so your situation will continue to get worse until you muster up the mental strength to seek out help.

The myths surrounding addiction

If you watch popular films and TV programmes, you will probably equate an 'addict' with homelessness and destitution. However, this could not be further from the truth. Addiction truly does not discriminate when it chooses its victims. In fact, many people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction are highly functioning individuals who occupy high positions in society.

Developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol does not equate your actions with failure. Addiction is classified as a disease of the mind, and anyone may develop this disease in their lifetime. You should not 'beat yourself up' due to this situation you now find yourself in. You should not feel stigmatised for your addiction and you should not resist seeking out help.

Over the last decade, drug and alcohol addiction has risen sharply in Hampshire. Many people find themselves in distressing situations due to finances and work related stress and turning to alcohol or drugs seems like an easy way to forget about these worries. If you fall into this category, it's likely your addiction has developed over several years. However, you are now experiencing what is referred to as 'hitting rock bottom'. If this is true, the time to seek out help has now arrived.

How we are able to help

When you contact ADT Healthcare, we help you recognise the signs of addiction. We also help you overcome any 'last minute' denial you may be experiencing. It's essential for you to overcome any feelings of inertia before you embark on any form of addiction treatment in Hampshire.

One common sign of addiction is that you no longer drink alcohol or take drugs for pleasure. You simply continue to take drugs or alcohol to 'feel normal' or to avoid withdrawal symptoms. If this is the case, you will need to undergo a medically assisted detox programme at a residential rehab facility in Hampshire.

The benefits of going to rehab

At ADT Healthcare, we promote the abstinence model of recovery. All of our partner treatment clinics in Hampshire offer 12-step and holistic-based recovery. During your rehabilitation programme, you will benefit from a supervised detox, group work, one-to-one therapy and educational workshops. You will begin to understand the reasons why you resort to drug or alcohol consumption and you will be give the necessary tools to help you avoid relapse.

During your time at a Hampshire rehab clinic, you will also benefit from a variety of counselling sessions. These sessions help you raise self-esteem and build sufficient mental resilience to help you remain in recovery following the completion of your rehab programme.

At ADT Healthcare, we have partnered with effective addiction clinics in Hampshire. We carry out an over-the-phone assessment so that we may determine which particular clinics are best suited to helping you overcome your addiction. This means you avoid the need to carry out tedious research when selecting addiction treatment clinics in Hampshire. This also means that you do not run the risk of selecting a poorly suited treatment clinic.

During your detox programme, you will benefit from a high standard of clinical care. This includes 24/7 care coverage, even during the small hours of the night. You will be prescribed with medication to help ease otherwise painful and even deadly withdrawal symptoms.

Free intervention service

ADT Healthcare offers you a free intervention service. This is applicable when you are the loved one of a person who suffers with an addiction. We help you in your quest to convince this person that rehab treatment is needed. We also help this person overcome any feelings of denial he or she may be experiencing.

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