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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Gloucestershire

It’s never easy to admit that you need help. This is perhaps particularly so for people affected by addiction, not least due to the sheer amount of unnecessary stigma that’s attached to addiction. If you believe you are suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol, you may be reluctant to seek out help because you believe doing so could put a mark against your name.

Let us tell you that your concerns are entirely unfounded and unnecessary. When you contact ADT Healthcare, we treat all information you offer with the strictest of confidence.

The bad news is that your addiction is highly unlikely to disappear if you do not reach out for help. Since addiction is a progressive disorder, your condition is likely to get worse until it’s simply too late to reverse damage caused by your addiction.

It’s important for you to have the realisation that your situation will not simply improve without taking action. By far the best form of action is to attend a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Gloucestershire. Thankfully, there exist well over a hundred different treatment providers in the local area.

When you make contact with ADT Healthcare, we will recommend rehab providers in Gloucestershire that are well-geared towards treating your unique issues that relate to both addiction and mental health problems. Given the sheer number of treatment options available to you in Gloucestershire, it’s not easy to figure out which clinics may be better suited than others. This is really where ADT Healthcare comes in to assist you.

When you contact us, an advisor will conduct a short assessment. The advisor will then recommend rehab clinics in Gloucestershire that appear to be suitable for treating your identified needs.

Going to rehab in Gloucestershire helps you reverse many years’ worth of damage inflicted by drug and alcohol addiction. Initially, you will benefit from a medicated detox. Following on from your detox, you will then attend an intensive therapeutic programme that helps you to face the mental causes of your addiction. During this time, you will be taught practical ways of facing up to these mental triggers of addiction so you may sustain your recovery for the long run.

Rehab treatments we recommend in Gloucestershire recognise the fact that each person seeking treatment is unique. For this reason, you will begin to benefit from a tailored rehab programme that’s not considered ‘generic’ in any shape or form.

Will I need to go to rehab?

It’s important to understand that going to rehab is not about attending therapy sessions during the day and then simply returning home at the conclusion of each day’s session. Instead, when you attend rehab, you will remain within the clinic for roughly 28-days. The idea of staying in a rehab clinic for 28-days may seem extreme at first sight, but the fact remains that residential rehab is by far the most effective form of addiction treatment.

When you attend an outpatient treatment facility, you will return to your home at the end of each day’s session. When you return home, you will not be shielded from bad influences and distractions. This is perhaps the key reason why many people fail to attain their recovery goals when outpatient treatment is attempted.

Whilst addiction is a progressive disorder, attending a residential rehab will literally allow you to roll back much of the damage that’s resulted from your addiction. Since addiction is a progressive disorder, it’s highly unlikely you will be able to reverse this damage inflicted by your addiction alone.

It’s also highly likely that your family members have suffered due to your addiction to drugs and alcohol. Addiction alters your mood so that you may become violent and thus act out against your loved ones. Your loved ones may also suffer due to neglect that’s caused by your addiction. This is particularly the case if you have young children.

For this reason, drug and alcohol rehabs in Gloucestershire offer family therapy sessions. Your family members will be invited into one-to-one therapy and group family therapy sessions to address the trauma that’s arisen due to your addiction.

Are you ready to seek out help?

The good news is that once you seek out help, it’s highly likely you will succeed in your recovery. This is largely due to a number of world-class addiction rehab clinics that exist within the Gloucestershire area. Each clinic we recommend offers bespoke therapies that are evidence-based and proven to work in the fight against addiction.

Whilst undertaking a detox will help you get sober, it’s therapy and counselling sessions that will help you stay sober. After all, staying sober is by far the more important of the two, and this fact is reflected in the wide-ranging investment drug and alcohol rehab clinics have made into their therapeutic offers.

Before your detox treatment begins, you will be assessed by a doctor and therapist. These professionals seek to assess your physical and mental health. Some clinics employ psychiatrists to perform this dual function, given a psychiatrist is both a medical doctor and a mental health expert.

During the detox, the doctor is likely to prescribe medication to help you through your detox when you are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms should not be compared with suffering from a hangover, because withdrawal symptoms may develop into a medical emergency that could potentially be life-threatening. During your detox, you will be surrounded by medical professionals who are on hand to provide appropriate treatment if withdrawal symptoms fail to cease after you are given appropriate medications.

Once your detox is complete, the focus of your treatment will be on therapy and counselling sessions. These sessions are analytical in nature and help you understand the mental causes of your addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Is going to rehab in Gloucestershire my only option?

The answer to this question is no. Going to rehab is not your only treatment option, because you may also undergo treatment via outpatient counselling. You may also pay for a ‘home detox’ kit. You will begin the detox with no medical observation or supervision, so this option is not recommended.

Undergoing outpatient therapy and counselling may be suitable if your addiction is not sufficiently advanced. To determine the viability of outpatient treatment, contact ADT Healthcare today on 0800 138 0722 and we shall carry out a telephone assessment to determine the suitability of outpatient treatment in Gloucestershire.

Where in Gloucestershire is drug and alcohol rehab available?

ADT Healthcare is able to recommend a variety of drug and alcohol rehab clinics across Gloucestershire in Cheltenham, Dursley, Coleford, Cirencester, Cinderford, Gloucester, Moreton-in-Marsh, Newent, Stonehouse, Stroud, Tewkesbury, Wotton-under-Edge and Fairford.

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