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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Glamorgan

Surrendering drugs and alcohol required a commitment of time and energy. If you assume that giving up drug and alcohol will be an easy ride, then you may be surprised to hear that it will not. We are not saying that giving up drugs and alcohol is impossible. We are merely saying that sobriety will be a challenge, and you will need to be forever vigilant against the risk of relapse.

The most important ingredient of a successful recovery is early planning. It’s also vitally important to learn a toolset that will allow you to face life’s challenges without going back to drug and alcohol use. Some people who do attain their recovery goals are known to relapse at a ‘drop of a hat’ because life takes an unfortunate turn. If these people had acquired the requisite toolset, they could well have avoided this relapse situation that will most likely result in significant hardship for both them and their families.

By far the quickest and easiest way to acquire this toolset needed to avoid relapse is to attend a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Glamorgan. To discover which particular rehabs are highly suited to your overall needs, contact ADT Healthcare today on 0800 138 0722.

How will going to rehab help me meet the challenges I will meet in recovery?

When you begin to live an abstinent lifestyle, you will sooner or later begin to experience situations or feelings that test your resolve. During the course of your rehab programme, you will be taught how to navigate these situations and feelings so that you do not restart your alcohol and drug use. This toolset is an essential ingredient for staying off drugs and alcohol for the long term.

During your first 12-months in recovery, you are likely to experience mood swings. Some days you will experience immense happiness, whilst on other days you will feel depressed. A fluctuation in mood is normal. However, this fluctuation could trigger a relapse, so it’s important to be able to recognise mood swings early on so that you can take action before it is too late.

Learning positive coping strategies

Addiction is a maladaptive coping strategy. Some experts regard addiction as a negative coping mechanism. It’s common for people to abuse drugs and alcohol as a means of blocking off traumatic memories. If you simply stop taking substances, these traumatic memories will simply resurface. It’s thus important to also receive trauma therapy on an ongoing basis to ensure these traumatic memories do not lead to you reaching for drugs or alcohol when these memories become too great to tolerate.

One of the key means of helping you cope with traumatic memories is by teaching you positive coping mechanisms. Learning these mechanisms require intensive therapy and counselling. We will not discuss specific positive coping mechanisms here due to the sheer depth of this subject.

The need to form new social bonds

Another major addiction trigger is the company you keep. When you leave the rehab clinic’s care, it’s highly likely you will relapse if you begin to socialise with your old drinking or drug using ‘friends’. It’s important that you leave these people behind and seek out new relationships instead. Drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Glamorgan will help you to develop the confidence and social skills to put this strategy in place. You will also be encouraged to attend AA and NA meetings for this purpose because these 12-step groups are a hotbed for meeting likeminded people who are also 100% committed to their recovery.

At ADT Healthcare, we believe that long-term recovery is near impossible without the right social support. If you are not willing to attend local mutual support meetings run by AA, NA and SMART Recovery, then it is unlikely that your recovery will be secured well into the future.

The need for family therapy

Addiction is seldom experienced without negatively impacting close family members. Understandably, it’s likely your family members will foster negative feelings towards you directly due to your addiction to drugs and alcohol. Once you leave rehab, it’s important to win back the support of your family. Drug and alcohol rehabs in Glamorgan help you achieve this aim by offering you structured family therapy sessions.

Family therapy sessions help you rebuild the trust that was torn away by your addiction. Family members will be able to forgive and forget about your actions that we directed by alcohol and drugs, but this will take time. Family therapy sessions offer you and your family a structured and supportive environment to rebuild your relationship. Doing so will be an asset, because facing early recovery without family support is problematic for many complex reasons, not lease the isolation that this would typically entail.

Cementing your recovery and the need to remain vigilant

The good news is that recovery becomes much easier once you have remained abstinent for 12-months. The risk of relapse is still a factor, albeit this risk will have significantly reduced. You will even reach a point where you can attend social events, bars and nightclubs without finding it difficult to avoid drugs and alcohol.

In short, your recovery will have become ingrained in you, and many of the old powerful relapse triggers will have lost their strength. Instead, your own intention to remain abstinent will reign supreme in all but the most challenging of situations.

That being said, it’s also important to remain vigilant, as there is a risk that you may forget the damage and pain associated with your addiction. You may believe that it’s not harmless to drink alcohol or take drugs in moderation. These thoughts are capable of causing your relapse, so it’s important to challenge these type of ideas as and when they arise during the course of your recovery.

Working on your recovery is not merely something you must attend to during the first year or two of your recovery. Maintaining your recovery is a lifelong endeavour. If you stop working on your recovery, it’s highly likely that you could lose your recovery, which will have devastating consequences for both you and your family.

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