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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Dorset

Do you live your life in fear of what may happen if you stop drinking alcohol or stop taking drugs? Perhaps you can ‘get to three o’clock’ without drinking alcohol or using drugs, but withdrawal symptoms start to kick into the point where you are frightened of what may happen if you continue to remain abstinent.

The truth is, addiction is a physical and psychological illness. Drink and drugs affect neurotransmitters located in the brain. Because of this, when alcohol or drugs suddenly are withdrawn, you risk suffering from a range of deadly withdrawal symptoms such as cardiac arrest, seizures and hallucinations.

How may you safely detox without suffering from these often fatal withdrawal symptoms? The answer to this question is simple. By choosing to undergo your detox in a medically supervised environment at one of Dorset’s excellent residential treatment centres. Here, you will receive a thorough psychiatric assessment. You will also be prescribed with medication that allows your body to withdraw from alcohol or drugs without any risk of suffering from deadly withdrawal symptoms.

But how will you possibly know which treatment centre is right for your particular needs? Again, this is simple. All you must do is contact ADT Healthcare on 0800 138 0722. Why? Because ADT Healthcare is an entirely free helpline where we assess your needs over the telephone. Based on this information, we then point you in the right direction. We typically refer you to residential rehab clinics in Dorset that are best suited to treating your addiction to drugs and alcohol.

About ADT Healthcare

Why should you contact ADT Healthcare rather than contacting rehab centres directly? Whilst the answer to this question is relatively straightforward, it does require some explanation:

Firstly, there exist many treatment options in Dorset. If you undergo research on your own behalf, you could spend a substantial amount of time before you locate a treatment provider that’s suited to your needs. Further, you may select a treatment provider that’s unsuitable. This could result in a poor experience, resulting in treatment failure.

When you contact ADT Healthcare, you entirely avoid the need to conduct your own research. Why? Because ADT Healthcare intimately understands the strengths of each treatment provider in Dorset. When you conduct your free telephone assessment, we simply match up your needs to the treatment centres we feel better cater to your needs.

Secondly, we are able to match you with treatment options you are able to afford. This means you do not waste your time contacting rehabs centres that may be unaffordable. In some instances, we may be able to provide you with statutory support. In this case, you would receive your treatment for free.

Thirdly, you can benefit from our service because it is free. When you contact ADT Healthcare, we do not charge you a penny for the advice we provide. Why? Because ADT Healthcare is operated by people who volunteer to help people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction.

We offer this free service because we have experienced the hell of drug and alcohol addiction in our own lives. And we’ve succeeded in overcoming our own addiction. We now feel obliged to help others who likewise seek to overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

Available treatments in Dorset

ADT Healthcare offers a range of treatment options in Dorset. This includes residential, outpatient and home detoxification. For the majority of people seeking treatment in Dorset, residential treatment is typically the preferred option. Why? Because residential treatment means you receive treatment away from your home. In turn, this means the risk of relapse is completely non-existent during your detoxification and rehabilitation programme when treatment takes place in a residential setting.

At ADT Healthcare, all treatment options we recommend offer you a variety of different therapy techniques. This includes 12-step work, counselling and the provision of fellowship meetings. You typically begin your treatment at a residential clinic. After a period of around four weeks, you may return home and then receive weekly counselling sessions on an outpatient basis for a further 6-12 month period. We also recommend you attend local AA or NA groups taking place around the Dorset area.

Contact ADT Healthcare today

For more information and to receive your free telephone assessment, contact ADT Healthcare today on 0800 138 0722. ADT Healthcare is entirely independent of the treatment centres we refer you to. This means we are able to select treatment centres for you based on appropriateness and not any sort of financial incentive. This ensures you receive the best possible treatment for your needs.

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