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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Devon

If you are seeking drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Devon, you are in the right place. ADT Healthcare offers bespoke and fully personalised treatment plans that are sure to meet your needs. If you aim to turn your life around and start a totally new beginning, be sure to contact us today on 0800 138 0722.

Over the last decade, we have built up a vast network of drug and alcohol rehabs both in Devon and across the South West of England. Our team of expert advisors understand the exact strengths and potential weakness of each rehab clinic within Devon, and we aim to signpost you to clinics that are likely most suited to your needs. This means you will be paired with a rehab clinic that’s highly experienced at treating those who are affected by your specific issues.

At ADT Healthcare, we also reject any notion of standardised addiction treatment. All treatment plans we promote at drug and alcohol rehabs in Devon are fully tailored to your specific needs. We do not advocate a ‘one size fits all’ approach to addiction treatment. We believe specialised treatment that’s personalised to your needs and circumstances is much more effective than standardised treatment.

All treatment programmes we recommend incorporating both clinical detoxification and full rehabilitation. The aim of going to rehab is not merely about stopping taking drugs and alcohol. Instead, the overall aim of rehab in Devon is to ‘stay stopped’ for the rest of your life. If you are ready to embrace life-long abstinence, then it’s likely that going to rehab in Devon will meet your objectives.

To benefit from the best possible level of care during your rehab, it’s important to attend a residential rehab clinic. Here, you will receive 24/7 care. You will benefit from a variety of therapy sessions, including both individual and one-to-one therapy. You will also benefit from educational workshops that teach you about the nature and science of drug and alcohol addiction.

Drug and alcohol rehabs in Devon offer residential treatment. This means you will receive 24-hour care throughout your treatment programme, and you will also not return to your home for the entire duration of your treatment programme, which will typically run over a four-week period.

Your treatment programme will not merely aim to tackle drug and alcohol addiction. People suffering from addiction are also likely to experience other issues, such as process addictions, eating disorders, co-dependency and mental health issues. Rehabs in Devon are able to address all of these issues during the course of your treatment programme.

Many of the rehab clinics in Devon that we recommend have operated since the 1970s. Over this period, these rehabs have assisted thousands of people in their fight against alcoholism and drug addiction, and it’s unarguable that thousands of lives have been saved in the process.

Some rehabs provide treatment that’s founded on the Minnesota Model. This model is also known as the 12-step programme. The Minnesota Model is also practised by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups across the Devon area. This model is highly effective and flexible to your needs.

The location of many drug and alcohol rehabs in Devon is also a major benefit since many are located in the countryside and rural areas that lend themselves nicely to tranquillity and relaxation. Here, you will undergo drug and alcohol addiction treatment from a safe haven that’s far away from the hustle and bustle of modern urban life.

What happens during my treatment programme?

The main objective of your treatment programme is to allow you to remain in recovery once you get there. Gaining a foothold in your recovery isn’t easy, and you will have to develop and then practice many skills that will be unfamiliar and slightly discomforting at first. However, learning these skills is essential for you to attain your long-term abstinence goal. Rarely does something worth learning in this world come easy, and addiction recovery is no exception to this rule.

One of the main avenues to retaining your recovery is to attend fellowship mutual support groups run by AA and NA. Thus, drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Devon will assist you in becoming familiar with the 12-step programme that’s practised by these groups.

It’s also important to help you replace self-destructive activities with healthier alternatives. You will be allowed to explore new activities for this purpose. Typical activities that are known to be effective for people in recovery include meditation, yoga, fitness, travel, volunteering, socialising with others who are in recovery and studying a foreign language.

At the beginning of your treatment programme, it’s likely you will require a detox. This is guaranteed to be the case if you are suffering from alcoholism or opiate addiction. All detox programmes are personalised to your needs. You will be given medication that will allow you to complete the detox without experiencing discomforting withdrawal symptoms. The medical team will be on hand to provide 24-hour a daycare during your detox.

Once you have completed your detox, you will regain much of your energy. It’s likely you will not have felt so good for many years. However, it’s also important to remember that despite this surge in energy, you are still classed as a vulnerable adult and your full rehabilitation will still have a long way to go until it is considered complete.

Before you detox begins, you will undertake a full medical consultation with a doctor. During this consultation, the doctor will evaluate your medical history, the severity of your addiction and the various risks that may arise during your detox.

Once your detox has completed, you will begin to attend counselling and therapy sessions. During these sessions, you will work closely with a licenced therapist in identify the emotional root causes of your addiction. You will then develop strategies to help you cope with these negative emotions so that you are not perpetually reaching for drugs and alcohol.

What treatment options are available in Devon?

By far the most effective option is to opt for residential rehab. However, there also exists outpatient rehab options such as addiction counselling and home detoxification. The major drawback of outpatient treatment is that you will still have access to drugs and alcohol. When it comes to addiction treatment, too much independence really is a bad thing, because temptation and urges are difficult to overcome.

If you are suffering from a chronic addiction to both alcohol, illicit drugs or prescription drugs, then it’s likely that outpatient treatment is strongly inadvisable on health grounds. Outpatient treatment is recommended when following the completion of residential treatment.

Many residential rehabs are run by private companies. It’s likely you will be required to pay for your treatment privately. However, doing so has many benefits, not least the fact that you will be able to begin your treatment immediately without having to submit to a lengthy and frustrating waiting list.

Private rehabs are often located in rural communities well away from the temptations offered by modern life. You will be given your own private bedroom with en-suite facilities and professional chefs will prepare your food each day. It’s also worth noting that paying for private rehab will mean no official record of your attendance will appear on your medical records.

Learn more about rehabs in Devon today

If you would like to learn more about accessing drug and alcohol rehab in Devon, contact ADT Healthcare today on 0800 138 0722. Contacting us could be the first step towards realising your long-held recovery goals. We understand that taking the first step is never easy, and we promise to ensure the entire process is as comforting and simple as possible.

We are able to recommend a variety of treatment options across Devon in Ashburton, Bampton, Barnstaple, Bideford, Bradninch, Brixham, Buckfastleigh, Budleigh Salterton, Chulmleigh, Colyton, Cranbrook, Cullompton, Dartmouth, Dawlish, Exmouth, Great Torrington, Hartland, Holsworthy, Ilfracombe, Kingsbridge, Newton Abbot, North Tawton, Paignton, Salcombe, Sherford, Sidmouth, South Molton, Tavistock, Torquay and the surrounding area.

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