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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in County Antrim

Do you wish to commit to living the rest of your life without taking drugs or drinking alcohol? If you are currently living in County Antrim in Northern Ireland, by far the best way to reach your long-term abstinence goal is by entering a drug and alcohol rehab clinic. Here, you will be medically detoxed. Withdrawal symptoms will be treated using a range of medications. You will also benefit from guided therapy sessions taking place in group and one-to-one sessions.

The vast majority of rehab clinics in County Antrim offer residential rehab. During your rehab, you will live, sleep and eat within the rehab clinic and you will not return home until your programme concludes. The average length of a rehab programme in County Antrim is around 28 days, although some programmes run longer or shorter than this duration.

Because you will be living within the rehab clinic for around 28 days, you solely focus on your recovery. You are removed from temptation and addiction triggers for a sufficient amount of time that’s needed to allow true healing to take place.

Many rehab clinics in County Antrim are privately run. This means you may have to make a financial contribution to cover treatment costs. ADT Healthcare also works with a range of statutory and charity-run rehabs that won’t require any form of financial contribution. State-funded rehabs typically require you to submit to a lengthy waiting list before you may access their services.

What happens when rehab begins?

When you begin a rehab programme in County Antrim, it will become immediately apparent that you will be benefiting from a highly structured programme. You will be assessed upon arrival. This assessment is carried out by a consultant psychiatrist and other clinical professionals.

The information you provide during your initial assessment will influence the direction your treatment will take. Rehab clinics offer tailored treatment, and this is the case because tailored rehab treatment is far superior to the generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that’s often employed by clinics that are not recommended by ADT Healthcare.

Whilst rehab does address the physical aspect of addiction via a detox, the vast majority of time is spent addressing the underlying emotional issues that are said to be the root cause of your addiction.

Rehabs we recommend in County Antrim take care of your personal duties such as cleaning and cooking. Professional chefs and cleaners are employed to complete these tasks. This approach allows you to focus all of your energy on getting better. The absolute focus is to assist you in building a strong foundation so you will not relapse when you leave the rehab clinic’s care.

When you go to rehab, the focus will be on helping you build the toolset that will allow you to cope with life in recovery. This approach affords you the courage and confidence that you can succeed in your recovery independently and with minimal assistance from others. Rehab clinics aim to give you the tools to cope with life’s challenges without using drugs and alcohol as a crutch.

You begin to acquire this toolset by attending group and individual therapy sessions. These sessions allow you to explore your life in ways that were probably inaccessible to you in the past. You will learn that you were not too skilful in coping with your problems in the past, and you will be taught to be aware that other options do exist to help you cope with hardship in ways that do not entail substance abuse.

Attending rehab is about understanding yourself, your emotions but above all rehab is about understanding that you have many options when it comes to coping with hardship in your life. Rehab aims to teach you new life skills so you may enjoy many years in recovery. People who attain recovery without going to rehab often relapse precisely because they do not develop the coping and mental skills to allow them to bear hardship as and when it arises.

Another advantage of rehab is that you will be provided with a maximum amount of support whilst you transition into recovery. During early recovery, you will feel highly emotional and vulnerable. Being surrounded by professional addiction counsellors and support workers will provide you with a support network that’s vastly beneficial during your early recovery.

Family therapy during rehab

Another important aspect of attending drug and alcohol rehab in County Antrim is family therapy. Addiction is traumatic for family members who must witness the harm their loved one is inflicting on his or herself by choosing to take drugs or alcohol.

Family therapy sessions aim to address this trauma by including family members in the therapeutic process. At ADT Healthcare, we truly believe that addiction is a family disease, and thus, a family-wide solution is required to help loved-ones’ mend damage inflicted on their relationship at the hands of drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction is particularly traumatising for children. If your children have been affected by your addiction, you may be glad to learn that family therapy sessions address this issue. Often, you may not realise that your addiction has in fact traumatised your children, and so learning of this fact may generate feelings of guilt during family therapy sessions. However, this is helpful because this knowledge will offer additional motivation that’s needed to support your long-term recovery.

Studies have proven that addiction treatment is far more successful when the entire family are involved during the rehab process. You must also understand that your family members will also require treatment in their own right because they may have witnessed traumatic incidents related to your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Family therapy will also increase the amount of sympathy family members have for your addiction. Family therapy includes educational workshops that aim to educate your family members about the science and nature of addiction. This will prevent your family members from believing that addiction is merely due to moral failings on your behalf. Instead, your family members will begin to understand that addiction is really a disease that arises due to environmental and genetic causes.

During family therapy, your family members will also be taught that going to rehab is not a cure for your addiction. Instead, rehab is about preparing you for a lifetime in recovery, and the hard work is very much still ahead of you. This is an important point for your family members to understand to ensure their support is ongoing whilst you tackle your first 2-3 years in recovery.

Benefiting from support meetings

During your rehab programme, you will be introduced to the 12-steps. The 12-steps is the central teachings of organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Both organisations hold daily ’12 step’ meetings throughout the County Antrim region. At ADT Healthcare, we highly recommend you supplement aftercare meetings held at the rehab clinic with local 12-step mutual support meetings.

Booking rehab in County Antrim today

To find out the specific rehabs in County Antrim we are able to recommend for your needs, contact ADT Healthcare today on 0800 138 0722. We recommend a range of rehab clinics in the local area and we choose rehab clinics based on a number of factors related to your specific needs.

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