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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cheshire

Do you live in Cheshire? Are you struggling with drug and alcohol addiction? Do you not know where to turn? If you answered YES to these questions, you will likely benefit from our timely and helpful intervention. Drug and alcohol addiction negatively affect your life in many ways, least of all your physical and mental health. Choose to take back control of your life today by contacting ADT Healthcare free on 0800 088 66 86.

At ADT Healthcare, we offer a free helpline. Many of our staff are recovering addicts themselves. This means we understand exactly what you are going through.

Getting in touch

When you contact us, we shall ask you a number of questions. This allows us to determine the best way forward in terms of your many treatment options in Cheshire. We sincerely look forward to receiving your call. Remember, all of our helpline advisors are recovering addicts themselves, so we know exactly what you are currently going through. But we promise life will only get better once you choose to pick up the telephone and contact us today.

Do you really suffer from an addiction?

Perhaps you are in denial about whether you suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Fortunately, there exists a number of tell-tale symptoms that will categorically confirm whether or not you suffer from an addiction. One of these symptoms is the emergence of withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop taking drugs or alcohol.

The American Psychiatric Association offers eight-point diagnostic criteria for addiction and we utilise this criterion when assessing your needs over the telephone.

This criterion is as follows:

  • You have frequent thoughts about using drugs or alcohol;
  • You need to take drugs or alcohol with increasing amounts to achieve the desired level of excitement;
  • You suffer from restlessness or irritability when you attempt to stop taking drugs or alcohol;
  • You take drugs or alcohol as a way of escaping your problems or to relieve a dysphoric mood;
  • You lie to others to conceal your drug or alcohol use;
  • You have repeated unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back or stop your drug or alcohol use;
  • You commit illegal acts to finance your drug or alcohol use;
  • You continue to consume drugs or alcohol despite risking or losing a relationship, job or another significant opportunity.

When you contact ADT Healthcare, we ask you numerous questions to determine whether you do in fact suffer from an addiction or not. By the time you have completed this assessment, you will definitively know whether you suffer from an addiction or not.

Getting the help you need

If our assessment determines that you do indeed suffer from an addiction, we shall then attempt to determine the severity of your addiction. Why? Because this information helps us refer you to a treatment centre that’s best geared to helping you overcome your addiction. We work with many treatment providers in Cheshire, and each provider offers a unique rehab experience.

It’s essential for you to attend a treatment provider that’s best suited to your needs. Fortunately, the information we obtain during this free telephone assessment shall inform us of the best possible way forward in terms of which treatment provider we ultimately recommend to you.

If you’ve lived with drug or alcohol addiction for some time, you will likely admit the many costs this brings. Addiction is likely affecting your life in many different but equally devastating areas. This includes damage inflicted on your career, your loving relationships and your health. When you receive addiction treatment in Cheshire, skilled therapists will give you the mental tools you need in conquering your addiction.

Over time, you will be given the opportunity to mend the damage your addiction has inflicted on you and your loved ones. You will also be given the chance to forge new relationships and seek out new opportunities without sabotaging your efforts due to drug or alcohol addiction.

Get in touch today

Contact ADT Healthcare today for free help and information on 0800 088 66 86. If you struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, refuse to struggle alone. When you contact ADT Healthcare, we shall conduct a short assessment and you will truly begin to understand how we are able to help. We understand this first step may be difficult for you to take, but we guarantee you will not regret taking it once you begin to experience what life is like without drugs and alcohol.

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