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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Bristol

If you’ve lived with addiction for more than six months, then it’s probably time to admit to your family and yourself that professional help is required. If you live in Bristol, why not contact ADT Healthcare today for almost instant access to private rehabilitation? Our residential rehabilitation clinic in Bristol is the accumulation of a lifetime worth of experience in the professional healthcare sector. Thanks to our staff’s tenacity and hard work, you or your loved one are able to access Europe’s best in professional addiction treatment almost on your doorstep.

We sincerely believe our Bristol rehabilitation services offer you or your loved one the chance of a lifetime. You take part in a number of modern therapies designed to eradicate your addiction once and for all. This includes highly effective CBT, psychotherapy, holistic therapy and mindfulness. This treatment is offered in a luxury setting and offered at the lowest possible prices. We urge you to look into the future and imagine your pleasure when drugs and alcohol are eliminated from your life. Is this something that’s worth considering?

Why? Because when you attend our Bristol rehab clinic, you are deciding to change your life for the better. You will forge a definitive goal in your mind to take back your life from the jaws of your addiction. In one year’s time, we guarantee you will not imagine picking up drugs or alcohol. Thanks to our modern treatments, you will have gained lifetime adversity to even the thought of consuming drugs or alcohol.

How do we develop this adversity? The answer is simple. By utilising avoidance and substitution strategies, we teach you a way to live your life without substance abuse. This ensures the ‘void’ created by the lack of drugs and alcohol is filled.

What is our overall aim? Again, the answer is simple. Our overall aim is to ensure your recovery is lifelong and permanent. To achieve this, we offer an incredibly long aftercare plan. This plan allows you to return to our rehab clinic long after you have completed your programme. You gain access to weekly aftercare sessions held each and every Saturday for an incredible 12-month period. Here, you will engage in ‘top up’ therapy sessions designed to ensure the risk of relapse is minimised.

Can you possibly imagine a more secure start to your new life without drugs and alcohol?

A tailored and highly sought after service

Our Bristol rehab clinic, unfortunately, is limited to only eleven clients at any one time. This ensures you receive ample one-on-one treatment throughout your stay. However, this invariable means you may expect to wait in order to gain access to our Bristol centre. Since the treatment we offer in Bristol surpasses expectations, the programme is extremely sought after. People travel from all corners of the United Kingdom to attend our Bristol rehab clinic, so spaces are scare. To secure your spot, we urge you to sign up and pay a small deposit before it’s too late.

Will you view our Bristol rehab centre – for free?

If we invite you the opportunity to view our Bristol rehab centre in person, would you consider attending? This offer is limited and somewhat of a rarity in the professional rehabilitation clinic. However, we’ve decided to offer you this feedback to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our services before you invest a penny with us.

When you view our rehab centre, we don’t ask you to decide on the spot whether or not to attend for the full and paid programme. All we want is for you to view our revolutionary therapies in person and EXAMINE the programme at our expense. You will see for yourself how we’ve helped thousands of people in Bristol overcome their dependency on drugs and alcohol. We are utterly confident this free and no-risk experience will convince you to attend our comprehensive programme and thus seal your commitment to defeating your addiction once and for all.

Save money on treatment before it’s too late

We, unfortunately, expect our rates to increase in the near future. This reflects almost yearly increases in our costs. To avoid price increases and save money, we again urge you to take action today by contacting our admissions team.

Getting help

How do you access this revolutionary addiction treatment in Bristol? The answer is simple. All you are requires to do is pick up your telephone and contact our team today on 0800 088 66 86 or submit a message through this website. If you wish to gain additional literature on our treatments in Bristol, we shall be more than glad to furnish them.

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